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Technical Info

Body Parts

Need to do some collision/rust repair? Here's your options
New Parts: New steel parts available are shown at right. Links to venders are on the links page.
Used parts: want to know what fits your Omega from other X Bodys? Click below for a list.

Need For Speed

Want more power from your Rocket? How about 397 H.P. and 400 Ft. Lbs. of torque. Edelbrocks power package makes it easy and streetable. Check out the specs at the right.
Not fast enough? Dick Miller is the Olds race motor authority and builds motors over 500 C.I. and well over 500 H.P.!
Check them out at his site.


Swaps and Upgrades

Did you know......
The Front subframe for a 67-69 Chevrolet Camaro or Pontiac Firebird is the same as the 68-74 X-Bodys? Good to know if you need one or are planning to swap out those nasty front drum brakes. For a detailed explanation and parts list of that swap, go here.

Other parts shared with the 1st generation Camaro and Firebird are the clutch linkage and pedals, firewall, floor pans and rear axle, although most had the 8.2" ten bolt and the X-Body's (with the exception of 75 and up, non-V8 cars) came with the 8.5" ten bolt rear end.

Want rear disc brakes too?
The rear disc set-up on the late 70's/early 80's Trans Am and Cadillac Seville are a direct bolt on BUT, you will need to use the master cylinder/proportion valve from a 4 wheel disc car.

H.E.I. conversion
It's easier then you think. Click below for a detailed explanation and parts list

Not real fond of the "Big Bumpers" on your X-Body?
Here's a custom mod to tuck them in and drop some weight. About 45 lbs front/25 lbs rear.

Front bumper exploded view
Click to enlarge

Rear bumper exploded view
Click to enlarge


Here Is the 1974 wiring diagram

Part 1
Click to enlarge

New steel parts available
Click to enlarge


Click for full specs


Convert from auto to manual transmission

Here's a pic of the linkage set up to convert your '73-'74 Omega to a 3 or 4 speed manual transmission
Donor car list:
'67-'69 Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird
'68-'74 Chevrolet Nova
'71-'72 Pontiac Ventura II/'73-'74 Ventura/'74 GTO
'73-'74 Buick Apollo

Linkage pic
Click to enlarge

Need to find a trans to complete this swap?
The bellhousing from the Buick, Olds and Pontiac have the same bolt pattern. Chevy engines use a different pattern (this also applies to automatic transmissions) so keep that in mind when you come across that Muncie out of an 69 Chevelle for sale. You will need a B.O.P. bellhousing.


Thanks to Paul Tarlier Of Vancouver, B.C. for the info and pics of his beautiful GTO modeling his work.

Pics/dimensions/info on the brackets
Click to enlarge

Finished product on Pauls GTO
Click to enlarge


The 1973 may be similar

Part 2
Click to enlarge